For the past ten years I have been a “Cigar Writer”.

I have had the pleasure to tour the factories in Costa Rica, taste and sample the best the world has to offer. I have discovered unique blends and rare treats along the way. I have learned that a great smoke can be found anywhere. And every once and a while a stick stands out in the crowd.

“Bucanero Cigars” is simply the best little boutique brand you have never heard of before. Don’t be an ignorant jackass and go through life tellin’ people you love cigars and that you are a connoisseur if you have never tried a Bucanero Cigar!

The “Bucanero Z” created by Bucanero Cigars stands head and shoulders above the crowd. With its fine and tasty Ecuadorian Sumatra wrapper she is an easy “90” rated smoke.

The second the blend rolls over your pallet your taste buds explode with delight. I truly mean this when I say that the flavors dance on your tongue. It’s a mild smoke with a cornucopia of flavors. Its aged four years which allows the leaf to mature and cultivate their powerful impact.

Bucanero Z is the best cigar I tasted in 2015. Hands down.

Bucanero Cigars was founded by Robert Spoden twenty years ago. Today they hand craft over 22 varieties. They use leafs from 11 different countries. They make small hand crafted batches and allow father time to keep a watchful eye over their development.

Their variety does not disappoint. Among those I sampled, there was not a bad one on the team!

The accolades for Bucanero Cigars have been sung by the industries most respected publications. “Cigar Aficionado”, “SMOKE”, and even “Playboy Magazine” have all rated their brand among the very best in the world. “Playboy” rated them as one of the “ten best cigars” worldwide. Wowzer!

Awards? Yes, they have them a plenty.“Clasico Maduro”: 1999 Top 5 of the Twentieth century award winner.

Their website tells us, “The Bucanero Clasico Maduro is a true smoking experience. Under its dark Connecticut Broad Leaf wrapper lays a rich highly favorable blend of the world’s finest boutique fillers. So rich in taste but very smooth with outstanding creamy after tones.

Maduro and even Natural wrapper cigar lovers both covet the taste of this extraordinary premium cigar. A select, dark, rich Connecticut Broad leaf wrapper. A blend of the finest Dominican and Nicaragua fillers. An Ecuadorian binder. This cigar blend brings forth subtle dark rich cocoa flavors and finishes with a slight sweetness all naturally. You will be placing the nub of this cigar in your pipe to avoid burning your fingers! It’s just that great tasting!

You won’t find Bucanero Cigars in your local smoke shop. You’ll have to take the time to go to their website and order. But trust me you’ll be glad you did.

By Randy Tantlinger