The team at ACES would like to send our prayers and best wishes to all in this time of shelter in place during the pandemic that has become of the COVID-19 (coronavirus).

We will overcome this together and rise up to be stronger than before. We ask that during these times we all work together and help our fellow man. We encourage families to purchase foods via delivery or pick-up from locally owned dining establishments.

Another option is to buy gift certificates now for use down the line when this has passed. Every dollar you spend supporting local business is one that can help keep them afloat during these tough times.

Please do not over-shop or hoard items, allowing for there to be supplies for all. Purchase what you need and think of others in these difficult times. If you have time, volunteer with local agencies to ensure that people that are stuck at home get the deliveries and supplies they need.

We look forward to the day in the very near future where our ACES team is back bringing you the stories you have gotten used to seeing from our team – golf, wine, fine dining, travel and much more.

Thank you and God bless everyone!

By Dennis Miller

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