I have always been a low-cut/no-show sock guy, both on and off the golf course. If I wear socks anywhere around my calves, it’s an uncomfortable feeling.

Dress socks? Ugh.

The lower the better, but there was a problem on the golf course. I would try no-shows, but they kept scrunching up and get half-way up my foot. It got to the point where I would take a pair of low-cut socks with me to change into when the no-show would scrunch. It was nothing but frustrating.

Not a problem any longer!

I admit I was skeptical when I was first contacted by INVISASOX about trying out their no-show socks. I mean I had tried all kinds, and none had worked, so why would these be different?

But they are and now I am a fan.

The breathable cotton and spandex material combine to give you a product that hugs the foot. The mesh gel heel grip gives you a fail proof, no slip design, thus keeping the sock from scrunching and causing that uncomfortable feeling.

I have taken to wearing the socks, not just when playing golf, but every day, be it at work or play. I highly recommend the INVISASOX and suggest giving it a try if you have had issues with no-show socks in the past.

Check out the web site at www.invisasox.com for more information or to order some great socks.

By Dennis Miller