Here’s to Mom with Gifts She’ll Love

Worldwide, Mother’s Day is an occasion to give to those special in our lives a gift that’s more inspirational, personal and meaningful than usual.  After all, moms’ love, dedication and devotion toward family are priceless.  With more lady golfers than ever nowadays, let’s celebrate all things maternal with unique presents demonstrating our appreciation.  These five hit the spot:

Chelsea Charles

You can’t go wrong with the Golf Goddess Collection by Chelsea Charles, and wearing this jewelry on and off the course is a fashionable reminder of mom’s love for the game.  Top sellers include the golf goddess sliver golf ball stroke counter bracelet ($69).  Naturally, there are coordinating silver golf ball earrings ($35) as well as complementary necklaces and mix-and-match gift sets.  Don’t fret because gold and rose gold styles also look fabulous.  Jewelry with tennis, volleyball, softball, basketball and baseball designs are available.


This uber-popular resort-club women’s apparel line boasting European designs with Los Angeles flair dots Mother’s Day best-of lists annually.  Specifically for discerning golfers with versatility in social and business settings, the LOHLA SPORT “The Very Pant” anchors the brand that continues to usher in a new Golfleisure craze akin to Lululemon and Athleisure.  With four-pocket, full, four-way stretch features, it comes in navy, black, white, red and other seasonal favorites.  The genesis of this style:  J. Peterman’s “The Very Pant I’ve been searching for all my life” line on Seinfeld is part of sitcom lore.

Life is Good

Embracing optimism is a trait that’s bound to propel you to the next level.  That’s the manta of Life is Good, a company you probably know by now that typically features its stick figure Jake alongside clever, motivating aphorisms on clothing, accessories and even housewares.  For lady golfers, Life is Good Golf T-shirts include “Golf More, Worry Less,” “Keep it Simple” (ball and wine glass drawings), “This is How I Roll” (putter and ball drawings), “Diversified Portfolio” (drawings of different clubs) and many more from the clever files.  Odds are your lady will elicit a “that’s cute” reply when frolicking in Life is Good golf garb.

OnCore Golf

Featuring scientific and aerodynamic advantages of perimeter weighting, OnCore Golf balls are the bomb (literally) among golfers.  To honor mothers far and wide, the Buffalo-based company offers balls with #1 Mom and Happy Mother’s Day sayings in hot pink along with our favorite, “Mom” inside a Superman logo.  Or simply customize your own message to mom on golf malls on the OnCore Golf website.  If she’s a fan of Bills All-Pro QB Josh Allen, there’s a Mafia Nation golf ball, gameday hat emblazoned with No. 17 and an Air Allen T-shirt and hoodie.  Five bucks from every dozen Josh Allen balls sold are donated to Oishei Children’s Hospital in Western New York.


How many times have ladies received a golf outing goodie bag with a shirt that’s hardly your style or size?  A lot.  How many times have they won, finished runner-up or in third place in a golf tournament only to receive an ugly crystal “something” that ends up in a credenza drawer never to see the light of day.  A lot.  Finally, there’s an alternative, and it’s TrophySmack.  The company specializes in bulk and one-off custom championship belts – by golly, give mom the ultimate bragging rights gift, with feminine décor to boot, to strap around her waist and carry atop her shoulder like the titleholder she is.  Mark Cuban invested in TrophySmack on “Shark Tank.”