Our ACES family charges into 2024!!

As we roll into 2024 full of hope and optimism – both on and off the course – we first wanted to thank all our faithful readers that have helped ACES continue to grow!

It is because of you all that ACES continues to thrive. At ACES, we believe in bringing you not just golf stories, but stories that appeal to lifestyle golfers embrace!

Moving forward, what does 2024 hold for ACES and our readers? We will take some of our regular incredible content, mixed with exciting new topics, and possibly resurrect some older ideas that proved initially popular, all the way back in our print days!

Let’s run through what you can expect to see on our website or our email blasts throughout the next year.

*Of course, you will see our regular golf coverage, whether it’s about courses or golf events! We know you love reading about our Northern California college teams and we promise to keep you informed with expanded coverage.

*We will also be out on the course more this year and will also be working to bring you the current news on the state of courses in Northern California, as well as courses from throughout North America.

*As for professional golf, we will be here to bring you stories for the four majors, as well as at local events like the AT&T Pebble Beach – which is changing in a big way this year – and the Fortinet Championships at the iconic Silverado Resort and Spa.

*Last year you saw ACES add some guest writers who provided us with interesting content and we are pleased to say we will continue that this year!

*Our sports wagering stories have proven popular with the ACES family and we will continue to keep the content coming, including our annual coverage of the Kentucky Derby and the prep races leading up to the storied “First Saturday in May.”  Horse racing in Northern California seems to be at the crossroads and ACES will be there keeping race fans up to date with the future of racing locally.

*Some of our most popular stories are in our Top Ten Lists. We’ve got new ones planned throughout the year. The best local wineries and brew pubs will be joined by stories about the best breakfast locations throughout the Bay Area for one example.

*In the past our March Madness brackets for wineries and golf courses have proven extremely popular, with this year seeing new/updated versions. Expect to see those right around the NCAA college basketball tournaments this year!

*In the past we have profiled our favorite beverage cart attendants, which was always well read. This year we look to bring back that feature, as well as a new addition of our favorite bartenders and their favorite drink recipes!

*Music on the golf course and practice facilities has gotten more frequent and we want to talk about music and how it is being incorporated into the world of golf. This will include more in-depth profiles of musicians that spend time on the course.

*Finally, our appetizing stories about great places to dine around the Bay Area will continue as well!

Here’s a toast for a great 2024! Embrace what you have and look for a bountiful year! Hope to see you on the course, or maybe at a winery or local brew pub!