Bay Area Loving LOHLA SPORT’s New Lavish Collection

Knowing what women want to wear is often a difficult solve.

Not for Lisa O’Hurley, though.  She’s been playing golf at a high level since her teenage years and is a student of high-end fashion that optimizes athletic movements.

It’s this background, including long stints at Golf Channel and fashion label Golfino, that prompted the January 2021 debut of her LOHLA SPORT ladies’ golf-lifestyle apparel business.


From the outset, Bay Area golfers have gone “gaga” over the brand’s premium, coordinated tops, bottoms, skorts, outerwear and accessories.

LOHLA SPORT’s first two collections – “Streets of Los Angeles” and “Winter Wonderlands” topped sales charts.  And the just-released “Lavish Summer Locales” is off to a lightning-fast start.  Its capsules depict high-class, tropical destinations known for converging swanky fashion and active lifestyles:

  • Ibiza – Inspired by golf legend Annika Sorenstam with part proceeds benefitting The ANNIKA Foundation, dramatic lemon, black and white designs are elegantly adorned with stars, stripes and solids.
  • Amalfi – Features lilac, the fashion color of the season, alongside white and navy with styles accentuated by tasteful leopard and houndstooth prints.
  • Tropez – This bright collection group highlights blueberry, appletini green and sunset orange, including a wavy print, emitting a beach feel while on the golf course.
  • Monaco – All-American look with a pinch of French beret in navy, white, red and blueberry that’s spot on for Memorial Day, Independence Day and Bastille Day.

We’d be remiss not mentioning LOHLA SPORT’s new, throwback “Her Name was LOHLA, she was a Showgirl” T-shirt and hoodie, a permission slip of sorts to let loose.  Thank you, Barry Manilow.


“Spring and summer especially are all about having fun and feeling soothed,” says O’Hurley.  “Wearing LOHLA SPORT’s fashionable, stylish, playful and classy outfits help foster life’s enjoyment on and off the golf course.”

All LOHLA SPORT styles are rooted in colorful, on-trend European designs with feminine Los Angeles flair.  Styles are XXS to XXL with flattering yet not overly sexy cuts and made of fine-quality fabrics sourced worldwide.

What Bay Area ladies really love are the brand’s The Golf Fitness Pull-On Pant and The Very Pant.  These two staples represent a comfortable-chic, made-for-play, “Golfleisure” aesthetic just like Lululemon’s “Athleisure” fanaticism.

“Get confident, get comfortable and get fashionable, whether on the course or about town” says O’Hurley.

By the looks of Lavish Summer Locales styles, that’s an easy mandate to adopt.

By Rich Katz