myFlipShade – makes your phone readable on the course!

I have never been a big proponent of cell phones on the golf course, but now with all the aps available to give you yardage, as well as the use of your phone for playing music, the phone is getting to be a regular thing for golfers.

One problem I have encountered with using my phone on the course, specifically as a yardage guide, is the glare that comes with it on a sunny day. It’s not much of an issue when you are in the cart, but out in the middle of the fairway, it can be a hassle.

You can now eliminate that problem with myFlipShade. Attach the myFlipShade accessory to any smartphone and quickly deploy a pop-up shade to block sunlight so you can use it without squinting or bending in any outdoor conditions.

myFlipShade slides onto the top of a smartphone and stays in place using a durable adhesive strip. The shade neatly tucks behind the phone when not in use and easily flips around when needed to prevent glare, weather, or pesky eyes.

The thin profile of the shade doesn’t add bulk and is compatible with cases and other phone accessories like credit card holders and stands, but the myFlipShade itself can be used to prop up a smartphone to watch videos as well. You can even charge wirelessly without removing your myFlipShade.

It worked great and was much easier than trying to twist, turn or cup my hand over the phone to be able to read it. I had a couple of my kids use it as well with their phones through their everyday adventures and all came back with two thumbs up!

The hottest new smartphone accessory comes in several colors and patterns to match any mood or personality and it is compatible with most versions of iPhone. myFlipShade retails for $9.99 and can be purchased from Amazon and Target.

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By Dennis Miller