Testing out luxury skin care

PR folks consistently push information out to writers and editors, hoping to interest someone in a news story.

That said, I must confess I was surprised to get an invitation from an agent about sampling Replete luxury skin care for golfers. I have used men’s skin products for a number of years, but was intrigued because these were all-natural products and were off-the-charts pricey ($345 for spring serum that I tested as well as $635 for the intense recovery oil designed for use before bed). Thus the term “luxury.”

Replete founder, San Francisco resident Elisabeth Thierot, based the products on the 24-hour Circadian rhythms of our bodies as well as the seasons so there is a different daily use skin product for each season. They are designed as “food” for all skin types and are formulated without chemicals, fragrances, artificial dyes, silicones, parabens or glycol.

Having used the products over the last two months, I can say they feel great going on and are extraordinarily concentrated—whether it is deep cleaning lotion or either of the skin treatments. A couple of drops goes a very long way. Of course, even if the quantities go a very long way, given my budget, it’s doubtful that I will take an annual subscription.

The product line also includes lip and eye creams as well as night-time creams—way too lady-like for this guy.

Thierot’s personal story of overcoming Lyme’s Disease and a rash that covered most of her body is tied directly to the skin care. She tells her story and her prescription for aging with great skin by seasonal living in her book, “Being Fabulous at Any Age.”

You can check out the full product line and learn more at   http://www.repleteskincare.com

By Tim Hunt