I saw someone post something on social media that read, “Masters week – adult spring break.”

I had to laugh because it’s true. I watch golf every week, but there is nothing like the buzz the Masters brings. Take Monday for example. I watched two hours of programming from the driving range at Augusta – on Monday.

It just has a different feel than any other tournament. Even my wife knows – it’s Masters week! Why else would I be busting my hump to get my weekly work done before Thursday, so I can clear my calendar for four days to watch the tournament.

I have written many a time over the years that the Masters is the best Major and in my mind that will never change. But why is that the case?

Simple – it’s because the tournament is on the same course every year. There is nothing like the final round of the Masters. You know the course set up, you know the pin placements and most importantly, you know when a player can charge and when they must play defense.

The saying goes that the tournament starts on the back nine on Sunday. You know were the tee shot needs to be and once the shot lands, you know whether there’s a shot at birdie or even eagle.

And now Tiger Woods is back and looking like he has a shot to win. There’s a lot of potentially intriguing story lines this week and there’s no shortage of possible dream pairings for the final round.

For my money, when then hit the back nine on Sunday, I would relish the chance to see Tiger and Rory dueling it out for the title and I am guessing I’m not the only one.

Enjoy the tournament!

Once again, our friends at WalletHub have put together a Masters Fun Facts report!

The report breaks down everything from ticket and concession prices to the cost of producing each green jacket and the event’s overall economic impact. We also tapped a panel of PGA professionals for Masters picks and insights on matters such as the future of fantasy golf. You can find a handful of highlights below:

  • 250K – People visit the Augusta, Ga., area each year for Masters festivities
  • $2,100 – Average resale price for a ticket to the final round of the 2018 Masters (currently the cheapest of the four days)
  • $4 – Price of a domestic beer at the Masters
  • 640% – Increase in live telecast hours for the Masters from 1956 (2.5 hours) to 2018 (18.5 hours)
  • $250 – Cost of producing each green jacket
  • 90% – Of the world’s golf carts are made in Georgia
  • $25M – Decrease in Woods’s annual endorsement income from 2010 to 2016

For the complete report, please visit: https://wallethub.com/blog/masters-facts/2965/

By Dennis Miller

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