The Napa Valley fights on after devastating wild fires, still a treasure

I must admit, I was a little nervous about taking our recent trip to the Napa Valley.

Over the years we have made hundreds of day trips up to the region located just a touch over an hour from our house. But this time was different than any other. This was first time since the devastating wild fires that swept through the region in October.

The Napa Valley is one of the most beautiful areas on Earth as far as Iā€™m concerned. I was nervous about how the area would look and how people would react to the area after the fires.

Would our little slice of heaven ever be the same?

I was worried, but after spending the day in the area, my fears and concerns were eased. The resiliency of the people in the Napa Valley was evident from our first stop to the last.

The Napa Valley is alive, open for business and bringing the same welcoming vibe it always has. And it is still incredibly beautiful.

If I took one thing away from our visit it would be how easily those of us in Northern California take the region for granted. When you live within 90 minutes of an area, you develop a sense of knowing it is always there.

You know that you can make the drive anytime and the Napa Valley will always be the same, entertaining wine region.

I wonā€™t have that attitude any longer. Itā€™s a treasure of an area and each visit will be cherished.

I have played golf at the Silverado Resort on many occasions, the last of which was about a month before the fires. Driving up along Atlas Peak Road two months after the fire and seeing Cal Fire trucks still working on various aspects, started to bring it all together to me.

Looking at the charred hills around the course, taking in the new netting along the driving range because the old one melted during the fire and seeing areas that burned, but miraculously spared buildings right in the path of the fire, brought it full circle.

But there were golfers on the driving range and there were golfers on the third tee, within 15 feet of the Cal Fire workers. Both spots are along the Atlas Peak Road.

It was refreshing and reassuring all at once. Never take anything for granted and enjoy each visit.

The Napa Valley is a Northern California treasure and should be treated as one.

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By Dennis Miller