By the time you’re reading this, the NCAA  men’s basketball tournament will have technically already tipped off with a pair of games Tuesday night and another two scheduled for Wednesday. But the real Madness begins Thursday morning as we kick off of a four-day stretch (through Sunday) that will feature a whopping 48 games as the field shrinks from 68 teams to the Sweet 16.
ESPN estimates that Americans alone will wager about $10 billion over the course of the tournament, including office pools and traditional bets with bookmakers, online or at a legal sports book in one of the growing number of states that now allow sports betting.
While many of us in Northern California have been hitting the sports books in Reno/Lake Tahoe (or taking the short flight down to Las Vegas) for decades, the influx in new states with new gamblers means a whole lot more money than ever will be in action this March.
For the professional bettor (or those of you simply looking to make some pocket money this month), it opens up more many more winning opportunities as new money tends to be “dumb money,” allowing for some soft lines and angles for us sharks to attack.
Here at Kent Elola Sports ( making a profit is always the bottom line. We’ll be live in Reno for the opening weekend of action, resuming what has become a 20-something year tradition with friends new and old. Unlike the newbies out in Delaware, New Jersey or West Virginia, us Nevada veterans tend to know the ropes and potential pitfalls of March Madness.
Thanks to our close relationship with ACES GOLF, we are offering an incredible introductory deal for anyone who wants the absolute best information and advice available to sports bettors. Call or text me (Kent Elola) directly at 510-209-0730 and I’ll personally give you a full week of winners for $100 flat (about 75% off the usual weekly client price).
Whether you’re betting thousands per game or $50 a pop as you’re having a couple of adult beverages with your buddies, the Madness is always more fun when cashing WINNING TICKETS. While many are just putting on their “college basketball fan” hats on come March, we’ve been watching (and winning on or against) all of these teams all season long.
Sure everyone knows about Zion Williamson and the #1 overall seeded Duke squad, but how many of you really know what to do (or can name one player) when Seton Hall and Wofford are about to tip off and you want a lil’ taste of the action?
That’s where King Kent comes in to save the day. Give me a call or text and I’ll gather some basic information about your betting goals (bet size, bankroll, halftime and over/under options, etc) and we’ll come up with an individual plan for each of you to maximize your winning and your fun this March!
I cannot tell you how many car/plane/bus loads of gamblers flood Reno every March, eager to bet on the NCAA tourney only to head home a few days later with nothing but an empty wallet, a hangover and a few good stories to laugh about later in life. Wouldn’t the tale be even better if it ends with you going home with three times the cash you arrived in town with?
It’s very possible if you take advantage of Kent Elola Sports’ expertise. We won’t have you chasing action on the “obvious” marquee games involving Duke, North Carolina, Michigan State, etc where you’re trying to cover a 30-point spread with a minute left and it’s all in the hands of a walk-on senior getting some charity playing time from the coach while the real players rest up for the Sweet 16.
We have our eye on some serious under-the-radar underdogs (hello UC Irvine and Yale), but will also pick some spots where the favorites have more than enough to cover the posted spreads. First-half, moneyline, over/unders and prop bets? We got you covered on those as well.
I’ve been making a living betting on sports for the better part of 15 years now after retiring as a full-time sportswriter. While your #1 goal is to have a great time watching the games and hanging out with buddies, my job is to make it PROFITABLE for you as well. That’s why I’m allowing Aces’ readers in for such a low intro price. Once you see how much fun it is to consistently make money betting sports, chances are we’ll be doing some long-term business together.
But whether you want to come on board just for the tournament or decide to stick with us and make money all year long with baseball, NBA, soccer (and of course football come Fall), the experience of a WINNING March Madness will make this one of your most enjoyable tournaments yet! And if you’re in Reno, come on over to my home base at the Atlantis Resort & Spa Casino and have a brew with me as we watch our $$$ come in.
For those of you still looking to fill out your brackets for the pools, I’m more than happy to help with that as well. It’s a very chalky tournament this year (meaning the favorites are expected to dominate in the end, at least as far as straight-up wins, if not covering the spread). Most experts give about six or seven teams a legitimate chance at cutting down the nets come Final Four time: #1 seeds Duke, North Carolina, Virginia and Gonzaga, along with #2’s Michigan State, Michigan and maybe Tennessee or Kentucky. 
Looking for a lower seeded dark-horse to bust some brackets and make it to the Final Four? Fourth-seeded Florida State comes from the power-packed ACC and won’t be awed or overwhelmed by anyone talent-wise and could be a good choice. Mid-major teams like Nevada and Buffalo have the firepower to give anyone a scare and possibly make a deep run.
But we’re not so much concerned about trying to fill out the perfect bracket as we are identifying individual games to find winning investment opportunities with. So grab your cell phone and shoot me a text right now at 510-209-0730 and we’ll start plotting out a winning strategy for you (I have plenty of first-round GEMS ready to rock for Thursday and Friday already).
Let’s make this your most enjoyable and profitable March Madness yet. Get on board with King Kent at Kent Elola Sports and we’ll see YOU at the Cashier’s Window!
By Kent Elola
CEO of Kent Elola Sports

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