You’ve spent a day on the course and now you want something to get out those minor aches and pains. Check out the following products! They will help get you ready for your next round!

Neck massager

IS 3000 Pro Neck and Back Massager with Heat

The InstaShiatsu+ Full Body Massager with Heat is easily adjustable. Target the specific areas of your body that need relief the most. While it works great as a back and neck massager, it can also be used to ease tension in the shoulders, legs, and more. The convenient arms straps hold the device in place and allow you to control the intensity of your massage. Control the rotation of the massage nodes and choose from three different speeds.

IS 4000 Foot Massager with Heat

 Experience the joy of a heated massage that uses a combination of air compression and rollers. Choose from three different massage modes and 3 intensities ranging from mild to intense, and create a massage experience that is customized to your needs. The ergonomic and unique design perfectly complements your foot structure and provides a relaxing, enjoyable foot massage. Press the heat button to add soothing heat to your massage. Relax in comfort and style.

InstaShiatsu + Seat Back Massager

Convert your favorite chair into a relaxing and revitalizing massage chair. The ergonomic design fully supports your lower back and provides instant relief. Features 12 individual massage nodes to massage a large massage area of your back. Convenient handles allow for easy transportation. Set up in your office for relief at work.

Back massager

TM-1000PRO Deluxe TENS Unit Electronic Pulse Massager

When you get the TM-1000PRO you will have your hands on the most powerful TENS Unit that truMedic has to offer. With 20 levels of intensity ranging from mild to extremely powerful you can find the setting that is the most comforting for you. This over-the-counter TENS Unit can effectively relieve your stress and help manage your chronic pain.
Lightweight and easy to use. Take it with you.

MicroTens II Wireless TENS Unit

Discover superior relief with low intensity electro-therapy. Pulsed (DC) micro-current mimics the natural current of your body, allowing deep penetration into muscle tissue to relieve aches and pains. Low intensity means that your treatment has minimal discomfort. Provides a great alternative to high intensity TENS devices and regular drug use. Choose between Program 1 that runs for in 15-minute intervals at 100 Hz and 10 Hz, and Program 2 that runs for 20-minute intervals at 80 Hz and 8 Hz with 40-minute rest periods. The truMedic MicroTens II is a wonderful and safe addition to your pain management strategy.

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