Tea Party Cigars – perfect for the election season!

Taxes! Taxes! Taxes! Dear goodness–the next thing you know, the government will be taxing the air we breathe.

I can see it now: “OK, Mrs. Smith. Please step on to the scale. Good, very good, 185 pounds. Now, please breathe into this. Thank you– nice, very nice. OK, one last thing. Please run ten minutes on this treadmill. Thank you,” Nurse Ratched would say.

This will be followed by–“OK, based upon our ‘hyperinflated-income-to-expenditure-to-the-consumption-amount-of-oxygen-formula’ supplied by the government, we have concluded that your ‘Official Oxygen Tax for 2013’ will be $5.00 a day”, says the IRS Man, as you head out of the doctor’s office door!

Enough with the taxes! Pay your own way, Nancy! So, in response to all the crazy taxes and government oversight, the boys at Blackcat Cigars have launched their own revolt in the form of the “Tea Party Cigar”.

These revolutionary babies are a deep, dark Maduro that make a bold statement. Their lovely aroma combines with a delicate smoke. No need to flick that ash boys, she’s wrapped just right and tight!

A “52 Ring” makes this bad boy thick and fat, just the way I like my ladies! The filler is a Honduran leaf and the binder is from the jungles of Nicaragua.

By Randy Tantlinger