Bailey Mosier, one of the new hosts of Golf Channel’s Morning Drive, has always been driven, whether it was on or off the playing field.

As a youngster, Mosier excelled in athletics, loving basketball and dreaming of playing at the University of Tennessee. She also spent time off the playing fields as a cheerleader.

But at the age of 14, a diagnosis of a degenerative disease in the knees sidelined the basketball dream and sent Moiser to a sport she had never tried – golf.

“I grew up playing everything but golf,” said the 28-year-old Mosier, whose father was an avid golfer. “I was always busy with all sports all over the place.”

Mosier transferred the passion used on the basketball court and at the age of 15 took up golf. Growing up in Las Vegas and attending Centennial High School, she worked on her game with her father for two years and earned a scholarship to Old Dominion University in Virginia.

The Grill Room-- Season: 2014 -- Pictured: Bailey Moiser, Zach Johnson-- (Photo by: Jessica Danser/Golf Channel)

Bailey Moiser with Zach Johnson

But things didn’t start smoothly in the college golf world.

“My first tournament I shot 81-77,” said Mosier. “I had only been playing two years.”

Once again the passion and desire came into play and she was the captain her junior and senior year, earned All-American Scholar athlete awards and was the school’s Scholar Athlete of the Year. She also graduated Magna Cum Laude from Old Dominion.

Along the way, Mosier also had a passion for writing.

“I wrote something on Romeo and Juliet when I was in 9th grade and was really proud of it,” said Mosier. “My teacher pulled me aside and told me it was really good. I have always loved writing – it is my first love.”

From Old Dominion, Mosier went to graduate school at Arizona State and earned her Master of Journalism degree from the Walter Cronkite School.

After college Mosier has spent time working with Avid Golfer magazine as the editor of the Scottsdale edition and also worked the PGA Tour, Titleist and ESPN radio. Finally in 2012 the goal of working for the Golf Channel came true.

“When I turned to golf, I always thought about being a reporter at ESPN,” explained Mosier. “But being a host at Golf Central has always been a goal. I marvel at Kelly Tilghman (anchor, reporter and a host at Golf Channel) and she has always been a role model.”

Mosier has been an associate editor since arriving and branched out to hosting the Grill Room as well as reporting/editing for

Morning Drive -- Season: 4 -- Pictured: -Lauren Thompson, Morgan Pressel, Paige Mackenzie, Bailey Moiser- (Photo by: Jessica Danser/Golf Channel)

Morning Drive — Season: 4 — Pictured: -Lauren Thompson, Morgan Pressel, Paige Mackenzie, Bailey Moiser- (Photo by: Jessica Danser/Golf Channel)

In 2013 she did some fill in work for Win McMurray – one of the hosts – when she was on vacation. Things went well and in November of 2014, Mosier was approached about auditioning for Morning Drive.

“I shadowed (host) Lauren (Thompson) and did some stuff in front of the cameras after they were done filming,” said Mosier. “Apparently I did something they liked.”

It was a perfect match.

“Bailey brings an authentic enthusiasm for golf built upon her background covering the game for and prior experience playing Division I collegiate golf,” said Tom Engle, Morning Drive’s coordinating producer. “Viewers beginning their day with

Morning Drive will be drawn to her passion for delivering the latest news and story lines on all aspects of the game.”

Being at ease in front of the camera did not come as a surprise to Mosier as she has always enjoyed being in the limelight, whether it was playing sports or as a cheerleader.

“I have always loved performing,” said Mosier. “Being on the field or the court and having all those eyes on you, I was never nervous – it thrilled me.”

The fire continues to build with Mosier, as there are goals still to be met.

“I have a lot of things I would like to accomplish,” sad Mosier. “Being a Golf Central host has always been a goal. As far as my TV vision goes, it has always stopped at Golf Channel.”

And there is the writing side of her talents which also have some lingering goals.

“I want to write books,” said Mosier, who has listed 1984 by George Orwell as her favorite book. “I read quite a bit and I want to write a novel.”

By Dennis Miller