TecTecTec laser range finders – No. 1 on Amazon

Offering incredible performance at unbeatable prices, TecTecTecā€™s line of technologically advanced laser rangefinders accurately measure distances precise within one yard. The premium, multilayered optical lens combined with diopter adjustment and 6x magnification provide an ultra-clear and accurate view. All models feature three scanning modes for every situation to help players measure distances to the pin, hazards, etc.

Available in standard and ā€œSā€ (slope) editions which feature PinSlope Technology to calculate elevation-adjusted distances to the target. All TecTecTec rangefinders are backed by a two-year warranty, 24/7 access to customer service and a full refund on products returned within 30 days of purchase.

  • VPRO500Ā measures up to 540 yards.Ā (Standard $150, Slope $180)
  • VPRO DLXĀ measures up to 600 yards.Ā (Standard $180, Slope $230)
  • VPRODLX 1KĀ measures up to 1,000 yards.Ā (Standard $200, Slope $250)

For more information go toĀ http://www.US.TecTecTec.com