There is a lot being said about the Tiger Woods-Phil Mickelson match that takes place the day after Thanksgiving in Las Vegas at the ultra-private Shadow Creek Golf Course.

The highly talked about showdown between Tiger and Phil, will have Ernie Johnson providing play-by-play, alongside analysts Darren Clarke – 2011 Open Championship winner – and NBC Sports/Golf Channel’s Peter Jacobsen, and reporters Shane Bacon and LPGA veteran Natalie Gulbis.

The winner-take-all $9 million match play competition will be held Friday, Nov. 23, at Noon PT / 3 p.m. ET.

The match has certainly been a talking point in the sports media. It’s mostly been negative regarding the pay-per-view encounter that will cost $19.99. The feelings range from “it would have been better 15 years ago,” to “I wouldn’t waste $20 on this.”

Well, I’ve been known to swim against the stream and I am doing it here. I will be getting the match and I for one, am excited for it.

Sure, it’s not as enticing as it would have been 15 or so years ago as back then the players didn’t like each other. But for those willing to dismiss this event, I really think they are missing the point.

There are several reasons I feel this is worth my time and my minimal investment. If it was $50, I would probably pass, but for $20 it will be well worth watching. Following are some points as to what I will be tuning in.

*Take it for the entertainment value it will provide. If this was the final round of a Major and Tiger and Phil were in the final group, people would be climbing all over themselves to watch the match.

*The players will wear mics, as will their caddies. That gives you access like you usually never get on the course and you will get it for every single shot. You know this two will rib each other and that alone is worth the $20. It will be entertaining to listen to the give and take over a few hours.

*How about the pre-game show? Starting at 2 p.m. ET, it will offer fans a look inside the preparation of Woods and Mickelson immediately preceding the main event.  The one-hour, pre-match show will feature PGA Tour winner Pat Perez, along with Samuel L. Jackson and Charles Barkley, among other special guests. Perez is always good for some great one-liners and Barkley – well nothing is off limits. The Pre-Match Show will be available across all pay-per-view carrier platforms, along with wide-ranging distribution available for free to all fans via through simulcasts on the Bleacher Report and B/R Live Facebook (B/R; B/R Live), Twitter (B/R; B/R Live) and YouTube (B/R; B/R Live) social platforms.

*Many of the complaints about the match is that neither golfer is in their prime. Okay, but two current players in their prime would have little chance to draw attention like Tiger and Phil. In addition, in case anyone forgot, Tiger is climbing the world rankings and did win the Tour Championship. These are the two most polarizing players of our generation and it will be interesting.

*I think the argument that would be more interesting if they were putting up their own money is tired. Both guys are flush financially, so what difference does it make. It’s more about pride for Tiger and Phil – and pride is something you can’t put a price tag on. These are two of the most competitive, prideful players in professional golf, which will make for great viewing. Sure, the money is nice, but it’s about so much more to these two.

*Some of the other technical stuff for the match include: Live state-of-the-art drone coverage, delivering camera angles that have never been seen before for a live golf event. These will also be data elements from Toptracer, that will display real-time trajectories and flight path for each shot, along with other compelling production components designed to bring viewers unmatched access to this head-to-head competition.

*Finally, I am betting many of the pundits that have been quick to say they won’t watch the match will end up watching. It’s okay, you don’t have to cop to it. Your secret is safe with me! Just enjoy your day.

*The match may not be for everyone, but to me it’s worth it! Here’s hoping everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you enjoy some golf on TV rather than battling the crowds on Black Friday!

By Dennis Miller