Q. Tony, how did it go out there today? Getting a good read for this before the actual
tournament starts?

TONY ROMO: Yeah, it felt good. I hit the ball well today, so I feel ready, just a matter of
scoring when it counts. The greens are firm. I think the course is playing firm and fast, it’s
got some good rough, so it will be a good test of golf. If it gets windy and you shoot even
par, you’re playing good.

Q. You’re in a rare position of having a job on Sunday should you make the cut. I’ve
got to imagine —

TONY ROMO: Yeah, if I make the cut, I’ll be here.

Q. If not, where do you go?
TONY ROMO: Chicago. Minnesota, Chicago. Hopefully we’ll be here in Napa.

Q. Are you studying the Vikings and Bears at night or are you studying the greens at

TONY ROMO: I do both. I have enough time.

Q. What have you learned? We talked last week about learning the course in these
three days. What have you learned these three days?

TONY ROMO: Just you look at the golf course and map it out from a lot of — you know, off
the tee every week, but here it’s a lot of — there’s more Xs I would say around the green
where you almost can’t get up and down from certain slopes, certain areas, especially if
you’re in the rough. So you have to just understand that you — there’s more spots you 100
percent can’t go than normal. A lot of times, certain courses you can miss short-sided on
half the greens. Here there will only be a couple that you can. I think you’ve got to play to
15, 20 feet when the flags are, you know, tucked and roll in a few.

Q. Given the two starts, one at the Dominican and one at the Byron Nelson, are you
expecting to be nervous or are you used to this environment now?

TONY ROMO: I think you always have butterflies early; you know, first tee and stuff likethat. I’ve always said when your technique and fundamentals are better, usually you handle
that stuff better. You work hard enough to hopefully step up and stripe it.

Q. Who are you playing with?

TONY ROMO: Tomorrow I’m with Beau Hossler and Michael Gellerman.
Q. Do you know them?

TONY ROMO: I know Beau, yeah.

Q. Texas guy, right?
TONY ROMO: Yep. They’re both over there a little bi

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