A look back at the thrilling PGA!

Well, this will be a long-talked about PGA.

Be it that Xander Schauffele won his first major, or perhaps 21-under par winning a major, or most likely when Scottie Scheffler was arrested on the way to the course on Friday, it will be remembered.

I think the best starting point is Scheffler.

One of the nicest guys in professional golf, this is clearly an epic misunderstanding. At this point, the charges have not been dropped, and as of Tuesday of this week, Scheffler’s attorney confirmed that arraignment just has been pushed back.

What will happen between now and July – I believe is the arraignment date – is anyone’s guess. The logical side of me thinks this will never see the inside of a courtroom. Or if it does, Scheffler won’t have to appear and there will be a fine.

Valhalla has hosted four PGA’s and if the city of Louisville wants to see a fifth, this needs to go away, and go away quickly.

Lost in the status of the No. 1 ranked professional golfer being arrested for what he was accused of, was that a worker at the tournament lost his life.

It was early, dark, and raining. From all reports it was a mess to get into the players’ lot and with the fatal accident happening, it was a state of chaos.

Of course, like millions around the world, I spent a lot of time on X throughout Friday, reading many posts, gaining information but also getting extremely frustrated.

Reading some comments it was as if some people honestly thought the man was killed because of what Scheffler did. I guess it’s my fault for reading what idiots think and then getting irritated. Don’t read it, is the simple solution. Scheffler had nothing to do with the fatal accident.

But there is correct information being distributed amongst those searching for click baits.

If I was in Scheffler’s camp, I would be setting up a fund for the family of the person killed and making sure he will be remembered.

In fact, the PGA of America should be setting up a fund for the family. He was killed on his way to work at the PGA so it would make perfect sense.

As for Scheffler’s performance in the tournament over the weekend, was predictable. After getting released on Friday and getting to the course before his tee time – thanks fog delay – he shot a 66.

On the surface that was amazing – jail to course and a 66. The reality is that Scheffler was still in an adrenaline rush. When he got back to the hotel Friday and everything started to hit, he became exhausted.

Shooting 73, on Saturday was not a surprise as he just looked exhausted on the course. He closed with an out of this world 31 on the back nine on Sunday, but he was on fumes.

There even was a note that he may have nodded off for a couple of seconds as he put his head on the scoring table.

As for the record low scoring in a major I didn’t like it. There are tournaments throughout the year that can be a “birdie-fest,” but the majors should be more difficult.

I’m not one of those guys that enjoys an even-par winner but somewhere between 7-12 under is a good number to show the mettle of the world’s best golfers.

If I wanted to watch bogey – or worse – golf, I would hit the links with my buddies! I like to watch the shot-makers mixed in with the bombers and that’s what we got on Sunday.

Make no mistake while Bryson DeChambeau is a bomber he’s got a masterful touch, especially around the green. His 7-under, 64 on Sunday made Schauffele battle and have to knock in that birdie putt on the final hole.

Schauffele winning his first major is obviously a great story. He is likeable and popular amongst the players, so it was great for him to get over the top and get his first major.

And to shoot a 6-under, 65 under the pressure of the field baring down on him was true grace under pressure.

Now that Schauffele has a major under his belt, who gets the mantle of the “best player not to have a major?”

For me it’s easy – Viktor Hovland.

He’s got a win in the Memorial, the BMW, and the Tour Championship but has not a major – yet. It’s coming and could happen in the two left this year.

It was also only the third time a player won the PGA with a birdie on the final hole. The other two times were in 2005 when Phil Mickelson did it at Baltusrol, and in 1989 when Payne Stewart birdied the last hole at Kemper Lakes to win it.

Schauffele’s win also kept a pair of streaks for American golfers alive. It made it nine major wins in a row for American’s, the second time that has happened since 2000.

It also was the ninth straight PGA won by an American.

The PGA will be played at the Olympic Club in 2028.  It was an exciting weekend of golf, and it showed as the TV ratings were up 10 percent from last year.

There should be plenty of excitement for the U.S. Open which is set for June 13-16 at the iconic Pinehurst No. 2.

By Dennis Miller