Budding pop star JoLivi hitting the links regularly!

The blending of golf and music continues to grow as more and more often you hear tunes coming from golf carts throughout the course. In addition, practice ranges, both public and private are beginning to embrace playing music over their speakers.

It’s also a sign of the perfect concert of the two when musicians are becoming regulars on the course. Such is the case for budding pop star JoLivi.


Since her musical start, JoLivi (born Leihoku Pedersen) has garnered attention from Baeble, Breathe Heavy, Fanlala and Myspace who remarked that, “JoLivi’s songs are laced with the girl-power messages that make pop so delicious.” Drawing on personal ups and downs, JoLivi offers an intimate take on pop. Self-described as “curious, loving, confident and definitely resilient” JoLivi pens tracks about bouncing back after hardships in life and love. The Hawaii-born singer-songwriter pulls inspiration from each new adventure in her life, explaining, “It is important for me to evolve and explore new things as an artist and always find the silver lining in things I go through in my life and how I make music.”

But she has also found the desire to tee it up regularly. In a recent interview with ACES editor Dennis Miller, JoLivi talked about how she got into golf and how everything ties together with music.

How did you get involved in golf?

A good friend of mine played for our college. I was around it my whole life though. All the men in my family play!

Where did you go to school?

I went to Colorado State University.

Regular course you play?

Most regular would have to be Trilogy in Arizona!  But mostly in Southern California where I live

Favorite course you have played?

All time favorite was the golf course my brothers, dad and I played at whilst on our vacation in Baja, Mexico.  It was so beautiful and was my best round yet!

One course you want to play that you have not played yet?

That’s such a hard question. There are so many beautiful golf courses, but if I had to choose I would say Bandon Dunes on the amazing pacific coast of Southern Oregon.


Lowest round and where?

Lowest round was a 96 without my handicap! I’ve only been playing a year, so leaving an 18-hole course with at least 4-7 pars is always my goal!

Best part of playing golf?

Being outside – escaping the phones and the noise! And of course, great company.

What would be your dream foursome?

My Grandpa Walter and my Grandpa Gerry, my Dad and Me.

What are your thoughts on how music is becoming a bigger part of golf? Music on the practice facilities, music on the course…seems to be growing.

Oh, yea!! It’s crazy we are always blasting Spotify – Hot country or oldies!

Give me your musical background?

I was born and raised on the Island of Oahu, so Hawaiian music and reggae were a huge part of my musical background. But my mother, instead of having a library of books, she had a library of CDs – thousands of them. I was exposed to the greats early – Prince, James Taylor, Bonnie Raitt, Linda Rondstadt, Van Halen, The Wagles, Jonathan Brooke, etc.

Musical inspirations?

James Taylor, Sara Barielles, Beyoncé, and Prince

Was being a performer always something you wanted to do?

OH, YEAH! I was just that little girl running around begging people to listen to her!

Seems you are embracing social media and on-line marketing to get your name out. How did that start and where is that going?

The world of music is changing. You must keep up to date otherwise you’ll fall into the trenches. Social media makes it easy to reach my fans here in LA, all the way back to Hawaii – I’ve always been a fan of social media so it’s great to grab new fans doing something I love!

Any performances or tour coming up?

Yes, I have a show at Silverlake in Los Angeles on Nov 15th!

Is it tough to keep your golf game in shape and balance the musical career?

Oh, extremely. My career always comes first, but I remember the last time my Dad and I played back home in Hawaii, I told him, “You should have forced me to play golf when I was little, I’d be on the LPGA by now!” LOL!