Designer Dram: A Perfect Blend

By Robert Kaufman

Much like pursuing the ultimate golf swing to match what your body will allow, seeking the finest tasting whiskey to please your palate can be a daunting task. Albeit an extremely pleasurable experience, experimenting with bottle after bottle can also be a costly journey. To ease that pocket-book drain while discovering your personal optimal whiskey, say hello to Designer Dram.

Southern California-based Designer Dram was founded (2020) with the belief that everyone should enjoy the perfect whiskey blend for their palate and to achieve that goal, they are the first in the world to allow the customer bring to craft every element of their own custom bottle from over 21,000 possible whiskey flavor profiles down to the alcohol percentage and the creation of your own label.

To facilitate the quest of becoming a whiskey maker, Designer Dram has conceived the Whiskey Experience kit ($249) that includes 50 ml samples of each of its premium 5-10-year-old barrels (Pure Rye, Barley Rye, Rye Bourbon, Wheated, and Pure Bourbon), a graduated cylinder for measuring, a copita to nose and taste, plus a Whiskey and Blending Guide.

The payoff? After entering online your unique blend, desired ABV, and custom label, Designer Dram ships you a full-size bottle of your bespoke creation. It’s that simple.

Whether a whiskey lover or novice, what could be more rewarding than at-home blending and tasting? For those that may not like whiskey, there’s a good chance you probably haven’t had the right one so, perhaps, the only way to find out is make it yourself.

To start blending, visit