If you are looking for an excellent breakfast or lunch spot while driving from Lake Tahoe to Echo Summit on Highway 50, stop at the Downtown Café in Meyers.

“Downtown” is a misnomer—let me know when you find downtown Meyers. That said, the restaurant has a Southern vibe (sweet tea, biscuits and gravy) and is downhome.

It’s located under the Divided Sky bar in a humble two-story building after you pass the agricultural inspection station. There’s a nice patio that’s probably ideal for lunch during three seasons, but not in January. The inside is small with about 12 tables so finding a seat could involve a wait on a busy day. The menu is offered to go.

The menu offers a full range of egg dishes complemented by the pancakes and waffles you would expect. The price point is nicely under that we found in South Lake Tahoe.

Among the favorites is the redneck benedict with two poached eggs served over a split biscuit with a sausage patty and gravy. In contrast to many biscuit and gravy sauces that are heavily peppered, this was nicely balanced and very tasty.

steak and eggs

Our daughter opted for the steak and eggs—both were well prepared. She gave the edge to the Red Hut’s steak, but the price point here was lower. Two eggs with a variety of meats ranged from $7.50 to $8.50, while the benedicts were $9.50. A three-egg cheese omlette or scramble was just $7.50 with additional ingredients priced at 85 cents each.

I enjoyed a perfectly prepared scramble.

The café is set up for breakfast, brunch and lunch (hours 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.) and serves the full menu at all hours so breakfast fans can enjoy their favorites at 1 p.m. and the lunch folks can chow down at 8 a.m.

omlette with hashbrowns

We have put the Downtown Café on our list of places not to miss when we are in the South Shore area. It’s an ideal stop away from the hustle of Stateline or South Shore.

It’s located at 3200 Highway 50. Somehow, it’s fitting that there’s no website.

By Tim Hunt




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