Throughout the years I have had the chance to make some great friendships with a number of golf writers. Being a golf writer is a profession where we share a strong bond with others, be it through media trips where you are together for as long as a week or even just sharing a five-hour round of golf.
I have always felt you can learn a lot about a person and their character in just one round of golf. One of the most genuine media personalities I have had the absolute honor to get to know and call a friend is Frank LaRosa out of Sacramento.
Frank is a legend in golf circles and provides fantastic content, be in writing or through video. Recently he completed a wonderful 30-minute video on the 100 years of Pebble Beach. The video is so well done it is on continuous loop at the Pebble Beach Visitor Center.
Recently Frank sent me the link to the video to share with ACES readers. When you have the time please watch it. It’s done with the professionalism Frank has always brought to the game of golf!
By Dennis Miller

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