Be part owner of a racehorse for the Alameda County Fair!!

Have you ever watched the paddock area before a horse race and wondered what it would be like to be in there, watching a horse you are an owner of get ready to race?

Have you watched the pile of people into the winner’s circle following the end of a race their horse won. A lot of us have had the chance to be in the photos but have we done so as one of the owners?

You’ve probably thought it is too expensive to own a racehorse, and if you are going the route alone, you would be right as it has the potential to be costly.

But what if I told you that for as little as $1,000 you could be part owner of not just one horse, but 5-7 horses that run during the Alameda County Fair?


Pastime Racing Limited Partnerships is a low-cost introduction to Thoroughbred ownership during this year’s Fair.

The brainchild of Pleasanton horseracing icon Allen Aldrich. Aldrich is selling 100 spots for $1,000 each for horses that will run at the meet that takes place Friday-Sunday of each week of the June 14-July 7 Fair. As usual, racing will also take place on the Fourth of July.

As of May 14, only 27 spots remain as it has been a popular, quick sell. I didn’t hesitate to jump into the deal when I first heard about it.

What does the Limited Partnership Interest include?

  • Ownership of multiple racehorses as a limited partner
  • No hidden costs, no additional training fees or bills
  • Free admission for you and one guest every day of the 2024 Alameda County Fair
  • Paddock access on race day
  • E-mail communication about each horse’s activities

This is a not-for-profit entity and at the end of the Fair and after returning all membership fees if there is any excess funds, they will be donated to 4-H clubs that participate at the Alameda County Fair.

Aldrich will serve as the General Partner and will handle the decision making for the L.P. The trainers right now are Jeff Bonde and Marcia Stortz, with the possibility of more trainers being involved.

For more information or to get involved in Pastime Racing, contact Aldrich at (925) 519-5019.

By Dennis Miller