By Dennis Miller

The South Lake Tahoe/American Century Media Day at Edgewood is always the longest day of this week, as everyone carries the electricity of being at Edgewood from the day into the night. And well, you know, nothing seems to close in Nevada!!

More  on everything with in-depth stories over the next couple of weeks, but suffice to say, it always is an absolute joy to play Edgewood. Keep in mind the golf writers on this trip have played some incredible courses all over the world, but ask any of them what they think about Edgewood and it always draws a top five ranking.

Why? Because of Lake Tahoe. Make no mistake about it, throughout the round, you stop and take in the Lake and all its splendor. Then you close with holes like 16-18 and it takes your breath away! We have profiled the lodging plans for the property that are under construction right now. When complete, Edgewood promises to be among the elite destination resorts any where!

We had dinner at Fire Break at the Hard Rock and were joined by executives from the property. It is exciting to hear of their plans and their enthusiasm for the future as South Lake Tahoe needs to have the hammer of an entertainment center for people.

Also if you ever happen to be at South Shore on a Tuesday night, make sure to head over to Harrah’s for the Blues performance. This is the second year I was able to check out the show – free of charge by the way – and have really enjoyed it!

I stayed at the Montebleu and came away very pleased with my stay. Big room, great view and a friendly staff!!!



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