This week we celebrate the uniquely American holiday—Thanksgiving.

It’s a day and a week when we focus on the abundant blessings that many of us enjoy. We are blessed to live in a country built upon natural law with a constitution and Bill of Rights that ensure them for posterity. Even the poorest among us lives in conditions (people experiencing homelessness aside) that people living in the Third World would find remarkable.

The challenge for many of us is to live daily with an attitude of gratitude. Human nature so routinely focuses on the negative whether it’s the traffic jam or the price of housing or something your spouse or friend said that rubbed you wrong. Time for a deep breath and thinking of just how lucky we are to live in America.

We at ACES Golf are blessed to write about a great game that is played in great places and available to almost anyone. When it comes to our lifestyle coverage, what a joy it is to report and write about fine wineries, quality restaurants and wonderful clothing.

We know we are blessed and invite you to join us in a daily attitude of gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving.



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