As I have aged, I have been plagued by knee problems which have resonated from old injuries.

I have tried pretty much everything on the market to take away the aches when they come – I hate the rainy season – but never found anything that worked well.

When I play golf, I wear a brace and have no problems getting around the course. But after a round, or if I have been sitting too long, it takes a while to walk without a limp or work through the pain.

Ice always works after activity, but not when you are active!

I even tried a variety of Cannabinoid (CBD) products and while some may have provided temporary relief, there was none that were long lasting. I had gotten to the point that I was just going to deal with the daily aches and pains.

Then I found nCBD from an October Biosciences. The product is made from pesticide-free Colorado Hemp. Using only the highest quality organically grown local Hemp, the company carefully extract full spectrum CBD oil that contains multiple therapeutic phytocompounds.

Their team of scientists and engineers have created a water-soluble nano-encapsulated molecule and mixed it into a high-performance hydrogel matrix. The result—optimal bioavailability and absorption. The product has been estimated to be 5-times more potent than regular CBD.

And most Importantly, it works.

I don’t overuse it, but when I do, it works quickly and efficiently, which is a major selling point for the product.

Transdermals are different than topicals. In contrast to most CBD topicals, their unique formula can be used as a regular topical for localized effects (by rubbing into muscles or joints) or used systemically (by rubbing into temples, behind ears, or on the inside of wrists).

Initially skeptical of the entire CBD products, I have now become a believer and if you have muscle or joint pains, I highly recommend giving the nCBD a try.

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By Dennis Miller