Editors note: I have known Ashley for a couple of a years now, having met at our health club in Pleasanton. I have talked with her about Yoga and what it’s all about. I see the number of students that take classes daily from Ashley and it’s impressive given that the classes start as early as 6 a.m. On the weekend, the gym doesn’t open until 7 a.m. but there are people lined up waiting for the doors to open so they can get a spot in her class. And it is people of all ages, shapes and sizes that come to her classes! We at ACES we consider ourselves lucky to have Ashley sharing her yoga expertise with our readers. We are going to start with Ashley introducing herself to you all and talk about what she sees in yoga. Thanks, and we hope you enjoy learning from Ashley!

Ashley’s classes are great for people of all levels, even people who have never done yoga before! She answers all questions through her email, and offers the first week free for her online classes!

For more information on Ashley’s classes go to http://www.ashleyniccoleyoga.net