Roger Fredericks, the innovative golf instructor and renowned fitness expert, has joined the staff at Omni La Costa Resort & Spa to create a curriculum of golf swing analysis and flexibility programs, seminars and workshops for the Omni La Costa Golf Performance Institute (GPI).

Fredericks, one of the original pioneers of the golf fitness movement, is infusing cutting-edge training elements into the Golf Performance Institute’s holistic instructional program, with a focus on improving golfers’ flexibility and posture.

“You can’t play consistent golf with poor flexibility and/or bad posture,” says Fredericks, who has worked with thousands of golfers, including more than 70 PGA TOUR players, seven members of the Hall of Fame and each of golf’s “Big Three” – Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player and the late Arnold Palmer. “By far, the most neglected aspect of golf instruction is analyzing an individual’s flexibility and posture and explaining to them how their lack of flexibility is directly contributing to their golf swing faults.”

At Omni La Costa, the “Golf Swing Analysis and Flex Program” includes a golf lesson at the GPI practice facility, plus a flexibility and gait analysis. Fredericks then breaks down each golfer’s swing based on flexibility limitations, and creates a custom, personalized flexibility program for the student.

“Roger is a great teacher and motivator,” said Gary Sims, managing director of Omni La Costa Resort & Spa. “His experience and knowledge are invaluable and will help us further the rich tradition of the golf and fitness lifestyle at La Costa.”

The mission of the Omni La Costa Golf Performance Institute is to fuel golfers’ passions for the game in a variety of ways, help them play better and have more fun playing golf. The GPI uses numerous different disciplines to address the needs of each individual golfer.

Fredericks has helped legions of golfers and non-golfers, both on and off the course, with his golf instruction, flexibility and posture techniques. His newest infomercial, The Posture System, which also features football legend Joe Theismann, is beginning to air nationwide.

In addition to being Arnold Palmer’s personal coach for many years – along with 14 Hall of Fame athletes and coaches from other sports — Fredericks has studied physiology and biomechanics with the leaders in the sports medicine industry.

“We have created some exciting programs at Omni La Costa,” Fredericks said. “It is an ideal setting and I’m excited to join forces with AJ Avoli and creating some great programs combining my fitness programs with the GPI state of the art technology. La Costa is obviously a first class facility – rich in tradition of fitness and golf. Our programs are a perfect fit.”

One of 11 Omni golf resorts coast-to-coast, La Costa is recognized as one of the country’s historic golf destinations. Recent renovations have resulted in two distinctive playing experiences – the Champions Course and the Legends Course – that reflect La Costa’s rich golf tradition.

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