I have never been great at reading greens on the golf course. I am a strong putter, but finding the correct line usually comes when a caddy or one of playing partners lays it out for me.

Tell me where to hit it and I will put it right on the line as if it is being guided by a string tied around the ball.

But without someone giving me the line it was maybe a 40/60 chance that I would get the ball started on the right line.

That is not a problem any more now that I have started adding the Green Book by GolfLogix to my golf repertoire. We ran a story on the product last May and since then I have had the chance to use the Green Book for both Edgewood and Pebble Beach.

One word – amazing!

Gone are the days of relying on others for help reading puts. It also has increased my confidence in reading greens on other courses.

Right now, GolfLogix has over 14,000 courses precisely mapped within a centimeter accuracy on the greens, plus 3D yardage book fairway imagery.

Pebble Beach 8th green

This is the same information tour players have in their back pocket. There is a move to ban the books on the PGA Tour, but the reasoning behind wanting to ban the books, is the exact reason the amateur player should embrace it.

The players who want the books banned say they offer too much assistance, effectively negating the skills of reading putts. Ironically, some of the players making the most noise, are using the books each week.

So, let me see if I get it right – the pros don’t want them because the book is too good? Sounds like a great sales pitch to me!

While it looks like the books will be banned from the tour in 2022, it is time for you to start building your collection. Most courses are $40, which is nothing for courses you regularly play.

Every Green Book features three detailed graphics for each hole on the course.

A full map of the hole provides descending yardages every 50 yards. The quick-view heat map features easy-to-follow arrows outlining the undulations to know exactly where to hit the ball on the green.

The subtle changes in elevation and direction, often undetectable to the naked eye, are highlighted in a close-up third map. A quick glance will give you more confidence in your strategy and lead to better shots and lower scores.

The green grids are in 5-yard increments to get a feel for exactly where you stand. Each contour line equals 3 inches of elevation change, with the closer the contour lines, the steeper the slope.

Recently the company has come out with a leather cover for your book. It was a classy add for a classy product.

If you are one who prefers to use apps on your phone during a round, there is one for you!

Golflogix is the complete game improvement app with over 5 million users worldwide. The game-changing app provides accurate GPS distances, in-round pro-level stat tracking, approach view and the new Putt Line feature.

From tee to green, Golflogix provides the information you need to reduce strokes and Play Smarter.

For more information please visit:  https://store.golflogix.com/

 By Dennis Miller