The 2017 Topgolf Tour has come to an end – the Kansas City team are the champions!

Chris Mabry and Kevin Ward won the Kansas City regional in September at Topgolf Overland Park and advanced to the Championships in Las Vegas. After topping the competition Sunday, they won $50,000 and were crowned the World’s Best Topgolfers.

Below are a few stats from this year’s Topgolf Tour:

  • 967 participants competed in the 2017 Topgolf Tour
  • The first all-female team made it to the finals this year (won the D.C. regional)
  • Average age of 2017 Topgolf Tour participants was 35.9
  • More than half (58%) of 2017 Topgolf Tour participants were under the age of 35
  • 88% of 2017 Topgolf Tour participants were non-professional golfers
  • About one third of 2017 Topgolf Tour participants have been playing golf for less than 10 years


What is the Topgolf Tour?

The Topgolf Tour is our international search for the best Topgolfing duo. In addition to being open to amateurs only, the Topgolf Tour is the first golf tournament series where men and women compete for the same prize and play the same format. Two-player teams – a mix of both men and women – compete in 20 regional tournaments from July – September. The winners from each region advance to Las Vegas for a chance at $50,000 and the title of World’s Best Topgolfers.

As you might expect from Topgolf, this is NOT your average golf tournament. Check out weekly recap videos from the 2017 Topgolf Tour regional tournaments here to see why: