Great customer service and immaculate course conditions are on display at the Revere Golf Club in Henderson.

Draped through the rugged desert canyons and valleys of the Las Vegas foothills, the Revere Golf Club offers unending, awe-inspiring views of the Las Vegas skyline and the mountains beyond.

There are 36 holes on-site, with the Lexington and Concord courses making up the property.

The Concord course comes in with a whopping 151 slope from the tips, as compared to a 139 for the Lexington, even though the Lexington maxes out at 7,143 yards as compared to 7,069 yards for the Concord.

The Concord is the newer of the two courses and features Bermuda fairways and large greens. The Lexington is more of your classic risk/reward course and, while playing it safe is not always the fun thing to do, it is the smart way to play the course.

The Lexington course opened on April 17, 1999, an anniversary of Paul Revere’s Midnight Ride, with the Concord course opening on June 1, 2002. The courses were designed by Billy Casper and Greg Nash and feature plentiful landing areas and large greens. Strategically placed hazards and the risk/reward possibilities add a lot to the degree of difficulty.

We played the Lexington course and were stunned by the views of the Vegas skyline from throughout the course. Located in the foothills about 25 minutes from The Strip, there are repeated views where you find yourself stopping and taking it all in.

While the view is the kind you can never get tired of, the sheer beauty of the course makes it easy to get to the task at hand. One thing I found appealing is that the tee boxes are elevated, so you get a mental edge on each hole.

The front nine ends with sensational views from the 9th green of the Las Vegas skyline. It is arguably one of the best views of the area and it was one that left me jealous of the people living in the houses around the course.

But before we got to the 9th there were some very good golf holes. One of my favorites was the 6th hole, a 358-yard, par 4. Despite the shortness of the hole, it is one where you may want to leave the driver in the bag, as the fairway ends 264 yards off the tee.

Beyond the fairway is a ball-gobbling lake. Taking a hybrid and knocking in 225 down the middle is not a bad play here. The 468-yard, par 5, 7th hole is another good one and is target golf at its best. There are three different pieces of fairway on the hole that practically beg for you to go from one to the other before hitting into the green.

Once to the green, you can enjoy the waterfall at the back of the green. It is a very scenic hole.

I thought the best golf hole–at least the most fun–was the par 5, 11th hole. At the 625 yards, the hole is a monster and there is a split fairway. The left side of the hole is a more direct route to the green, but the right side is far more open. Play it safe and the hole is longer–go for the risk and the reward is there.

The 15th is another great hole. It is another 350-yard, par 4 and using your driver again may not be the best play. The fairway is cut in half by desert landscape, with the first fairway ending at 248 yards. Your approach must negotiate five bunkers to get to the green.

The 17th is the final par 3. At only 139 yards, the distance is not the toughest, but it is a narrow green with water on the right and left and a pair of bunkers over the green. It is enough to give even the good golfer pause for thought.

It is a great course, one that is immaculate, as well as one that offers challenges for all levels of golfers. On the day, we played, a group of retired women were going off for a tournament and there were appropriate tees for them, as well.

On our trip, we played five courses in five days and, without hesitation, I can say the Revere complex is a must-play on your trip to Las Vegas. 


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