More and more, people are listening to music when they play golf, be it on the course or at the driving range.

Cruising around the course in your golf cart with tunes cranking makes for an even more relaxing round. But one problem is your phone – or whatever device you are using for your music – can often run-down power-wise over the round.

Even if you make through all 18 holes before your battery power is gone, your phone will shortly be dead.

The solution?

Try the AdventureMax, a rechargeable, portable charger from myCharge. It’s a splash-resistant, drop-resistant, dirt proof unit, but most of all, it’s a life changer! The rugged design for the product is perfect for use outside and on the go.

We took a recent road trip up to Reno and by the time we were out on the course, the battery on my phone was down to 27 percent. In the past, that was a problem. Now, thanks to AdventureMax, it was not an issue. I hooked my phone up to the charger when we teed off and we listened to tunes throughout the round. When we were done, my phone was at 90 percent.

The device has two USB ports and features flip lids that latch close to seal off the ports from water. It also offers a carabiner clip that can be attached to your golf bag.

I used to worry about my phone dying out on the course, but no longer thanks to my AdventureMax! The device at $49.99 is a must for the golfer and would be a perfect gift for Dad for Father’s Day (hint, hint!).

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By Dennis Miller

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