Antigua polo shirts are designed into an extensive range of trend driven engineered chest stripes and solids as seen in style Exchange and feed stripe pique and jersey fabrics as in styles Switch  are all constructed with the inclusion of spandex to maximize stretch and comfort.


To keep the trend direction consistent Antigua’s Spring ’18 offering includes prints in sublimation geometrics and abstracts as available in styles Dimension and Matrix that merchandise directly into the seasons vibrant color stories.

Anchorage combines a soft cotton-like ottoman texture paired with an engineered horizontal on-sleeve stripe quilted fabric combined into a piece dyed solid fabric blocked half zip pullover.

One of the new short sleeve polo styles, named Wildfire, features a cotton-like closed mesh poly heather fabric.  As mentioned earlier, this style utilizes the holographic trend.  A holographic printed box pattern accents the top of each sleeve.


The finishing touch: a holographic zipper placket.  Another short sleeve polo style playing on the holographic trend is Beam. This polo uses a multi-colored foil print all-over the garment.  The print is subtle, featuring small angled lines which keep the polo from being overly audacious.


Vests are making a comeback, and Proxy features the same mixedmedia trend as Trailblazer.

Poly vest

Its soft poly/spandex jersey body fabric has a water-resistant weave embossed with an abstract pattern layered on top. This style is meant to be layered over your favorite polo or long sleeve tee.