Todd Cook, the general manager of Poppy Ridge Golf Course, confirmed that three golf bags have been stolen in drive-by thefts in the last two weeks.

One of my brothers, who works at Lawrence Livermore, forwarded me a heads-up from a club member who was at Poppy Ridge outside of Livermore on July 10.

He wrote, “Protect your clubs from drive-by thieves.

“Yesterday I was at Poppy Ridge for TGL and I was 100 feet from my golf partner’s bag when a car drove up, a passenger jumped out and ran up the hill to the practice green, grabbed the bag and jumped back into the car and they drove off. Five seconds and the clubs were gone. After reporting to the club house and police, we were told that this was third occurrence in two weeks. Two of the occurrences were by the same car. So, don’t leave your clubs unattended not even on the practice green.”

Cook wrote in an email, “Unfortunately, this is a true story. The Sheriff ahs been in contact with other courses in our area to try and ID the car. It may have been seen in the parking lot of The Bridges (in San Ramon). Get the word out so we can find this car and the thieves inside.

The thieves were driving the Ford Fusion pictured above.

Our ACES teammate, Greg Fish, reported that a similar theft occurred at the Incline Village Golf Club two weeks ago. Like Poppy Ridge, the golf course is located away from main arterial roads.


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