Numbers don’t lie. That is, of course, you’re being truthful with what’s being penciled on the scorecard. Either way, chances are you’re saying to yourself, “I know I’m a much better golfer.”

So, what’s holding you back? Think it could have something to do with skill? Probably so. While the majority of us hackers will never be scratch golfers, the goal (at least mine is) is having fun while shaving strokes off the total score. Well, improving those odds could be as simple as two words: club fitting.

Whether just learning to play golf or have been around the course a few times, perhaps, it’s time to trade in that store-bought or hand-me-down set of clubs and get professionally fitted. With today’s technology and resources available to dissect every aspect of the golf swing, you could be sabotaging your game without taking advantage of customized clubs to suit your body and game.

And that’s where Club Champion steps in. As a Golf Digest Top 100 Fitter, this 10-year old company with more than 70 locations throughout the U.S., including three in Northern California: Danville; Sacramento; and San Carlos, is heralded as the nation’s premier one-stop shop to fit, build and place the correct golf brands, such as Callaway, TaylorMade, Ping, Titleist, PXG, Fujikura, Golf Pride and many more in your bag.

Club Champion delivers a Tour-quality fitting experience with over 35,000 hittable head and shaft combinations and if you’ve never gone through this process it can be overwhelming, not to mention tiresome from taking so many swings in a short amount of time.

The first task at your appointment is completing an extensive player profile. When finished, the resident Master Fitter, who has received an additional 150 hours of training, will meticulously guide you through a session that could take anywhere from one to almost four hours, depending upon how many clubs are being fitted.

Once entering your private hitting bay equipped with a Trackman, considered the gold standard in fitting technology for players to improve their game, be prepared to take swing after swing after swing, etc. until the precise clubs are matched for your game. Why, just to identify your correct putter, the Science and Motion (SAM) PuttLab will measure 28 different parameters of your putting stroke. Try not to think about all those on the course!

At the end of the session, you’ll walk away with a colorful chart on a sheet of paper outlining your exact specs and brand for club head, shaft, grip, grip size, length, lie, loft, tip trim, and swing weight. At first, it might be enough to make your head spin but having that information will wind up being the most powerful tool in your bag.

The cost for a session ranges anywhere from a one-hour wedge fitting for $80 to a 3.5-hour full bag session for $350. If you have a commitment to improving your game, this is one of the smartest investments and will put you on track to determine how good a golfer you really can be.

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